Truth Behind Your Rug...Must Read!!!

February 25, 2016


Hand Knotted Rugs is the most respected , more durable & most easy maintainance rug construction. But these days the majority of rugs in peoples homes are less expensive ,less durable, none to dry clean maintaince construction like hand tufted or machine made. Which is not kids and pet freindly. Consumers myth is because of kids and pets nice handknotted rug distroy faster but truth is rugs like tuffted , plastic rugs like polyporpyne and nylon are more durable. But these rugs are low construction and made to use and throw way. After few months of use and cleaning these rugs trash quickly than a nice quality handknotted rug which can clean 100+ times cleans up good, repairable and last a life time.

more Understanding more about the different types of rug constructions will help you understand there durability, characteristics, and how  they are made!





HAND KNOTTED-   Durability 20+ years, Manufacturing Time 5-12 months,

Price $$$

​Most prestigious, high quality rug constriction.
Great durability
Minimal shedding compared to hand-tufted rugs.
Most common fiber used is wool


The back side of a rug is the easiest way to distinguish construction.  The back side of a hand knotted rugs shows individual knots and the overall design and color of the rugs surface.​Process-A weaver sits behind a loom and hand ties individual knots onto the vertical strings seen on the backside of a rug.hand knotted rugs shows individual knots and

the overall design and color of the rugs surface.

A weaver sits behind a loom and hand ties individual knots onto the vertical strings seen on the backside of a rug.


Durability and Maintainance:

Cleanable, Repairable. Last a life time. Pet Odor Removable Mostly. Kids Friendly (Non Allergic, No Shedding, No Itching skin infection, No Breathing Problem and Infection. 





Durability 3-10 years, Manufacturing Time:

1-2 months
Weaving Cost: Cheap 

Origin: China & India

​Price $$ (Expensive in real sence because construction cost is cheap.)



More affordable alternative to hand-knotted rugs
Quality and price depends mainly on what fiver is used.


Life span ranges from 2-7 years.
​A nearly unlimited variety of patterns, color, and textures can be used in a hand-tufted rug.

Glue Based Construction which include hazadous adhesive rubber and chemicals which is not sutible for health for your kids and dogs. 



The back side of the rug is the easiest way to distinguish its construction.  A canvas backing is applied to hand-tufted rugs with an adhesive to hold the yarns together.

Hand-tufted rugs are made using a "gun", a hand operated tool that punches strands of fiber into a canvas that is stretched on a frame.  The design of the rug is drawn on the canvas, and the worker fills in the pattern with the appropriate color fiber.  When the rug design is fully piled, the rug is removed from frame and the scrim fabric is glued to the back of the rug.  Once the glue has settled the scrim backing helps to hold the fiber in place.

Durability and Maintainance:

Can only be dryclean because if the water used glue adhesive will turn into powdery chemical which is not good for breathing . Non Repairable. Last a 2-7 yrs .Not at all Kids Friendly (Allergic, Shedding, Itching skin infection, Breathing Problem and Infection. 


--POWER LOOMED or Machine Made--


POWER LOOMED or Machine Made- Durability 3-10 years, Manufacturing time 15-30 days,
Price $$

Usually the most affordable rug construction.
Common fibers in power loomed rugs include synthetic yarns like polyester, polypropylene, and nylon.All Plastic Based.


A computer dictates texture, design, and color so there is little chance of error in production.
Unlike all other constructions, power loomed rugs have distinctive production, rugs are restricted to a particular set of colors once in production.


Process, Large machines have hundreds of spindles of fiber that are mechanically woven into thin mesh backing. The machine is computer-drive and runs continuously to maximize efficiency.


The back side of a rug is the easiest way to distinguish its construction. Like hand-knotted rugs, you can see the design/colors on the back of the machine made rug, but has a course latex backing that secures it in place.



Durability and Maintainance:

Cleanable (Only Problem is srinkage because its plastic base but its lot more better alternative of Tuffted Rugs .Somewhat Repairable. Last a 2-20 yrs .Kids Friendly and Pet Friendly. Only Problems are srinkage, loose its shape in time just because its a plastic rug.


                                         --FLAT WEAVE--


Flat Weave- Durability 20+ years.

Manufacturing time 3-4 months, Price $$

A flat weave's most defining characteristic is their lack of base material (hence the term "flat"=weave).
Common fibers in flat-weaves include wool, jute, and cotton. Great durability & toughness.
A nearly unlimited variety of patterns and colors, but not textures.