Hand-Wash Rug Cleaning

* Hand Wash Rug Cleaning
* Pet Stain Treatment & Deodorizing
* Moth proofing
* Antique Wash
* Tea Wash
*Special Fringe cleaning

Our Process
Our rug cleaning is done by experts in stages to maximize the outcome while protecting the beauty of your oriental rugs:
1. Dust removal by compressed air and mild but adequate agitation to get out loose soil and debris.
2. Prolonged, deep immersion in continuously flowing water and specially formulated mild neutral detergents suitable for that particular type of rug* to loosen the deeply embedded and compacted soil and debris.
*The special detergent we use for a synthetically dyed wool rug cannot be used for a vegetable-dyed rug or a silk and wool rug or an herbal or tea-washed rug. That is why washing a rug at home is discouraged because it may damage or completely ruin a rug.
3. Agitation to dislodge the foreign materials loosened during the immersion process;
4. Rinsing with penetrating water jets to take out any remaining foreign materials and residual soap.
5. Air drying in open air and sun light to freshen up the rug.
Every Rug is different depends on the construction, type, where it's made, material used, age. We treat them and inspect them individually and perform the right cleaning for them.

We also undertake deep wash, rug stain and odor removal by specially formulated agents. We do free pick-up and deliver anywhere in the Hampton roads area. Condition Apply.
Call us at (757)457-1857 for details.

Rug Repairing & Restoring

Rug Repairing & Restoration
We are the third Generation rug experts comes from a rug producing and manufacturing family in India. We have worked with rugs since early age and capable of supervising and making common types of repairs such as simple reweaving, binding, overcasting, re-fringing. We also competent to undertake tedious and highly skillful jobs of restor
ing fine, old or antique oriental rugs. For any repair or restoration work which is too time-consuming and expensive to tackle here, we even send the rug overseas to Turkey, India or Afghanistan to bring down the costs. We pick-up and deliver anywhere in Hampton roads area. Check with us for details at (757) 457-1857.​

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