Journey of Rug Making..

At RVA Fine Rugs, we are passionate about oriental rugs. Having grown up with them, we have seen first- hand their arduous but fascinating months’ long journey from raw wool to exquisite pieces of art through a maze of highly skillful processes of designing, meticulously matching colors, dyeing the wool exactly to those very colors with very narrow margins, mapping the rug pattern on a graph paper – knot by knot – then actually putting each and every knot by hand by highly skilled artisans followed by delicate washing and finishing, shearing by hand-held clippers, rewashing and final herbal, tea-wash, antique or silver-wash finishing , binding the edges and finally removing any un-wanted tufts or knots – laboriously one by one…Please see the pictures below to share with us this interesting process…

Journey-of-rug-making | Virginia Beach | RVA Wahi

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