Adi Wahi

A family business is usually a labor of love because it requires an owner to give all of his or herself and then some. 
For some owners, their business is also their passion, and that is the case for Adi Arpit Wahi, owners of Wahi Rugs in Virginia Beach. Adi was born in the rug-making city of Varanasi, India and spent his childhood in the village city of Mirzapur and Bhadohi where all of the hand-knotted rugs are made. Adi shares, “My Family has been in this business since the 1920s. My great grandfather worked in the rug yarn business, as did my grandfather. My father decided to start his own rug production facility with a friend. They continued manufacturing and exporting rugs to Europe and USA wholesalers. I was born and raised where every day we breathe rugs. I know the ins and out of this trade because it has been in my system from the day I came in this world and it will be with me the rest of my life. Very few rug merchants know rugs from making them, and then selling them. I learned to sell rugs in 2002 when I came to the US and here, I am now.”
Our advice is to let us help you decorate your home with our organic made rugs. We believe service with love, joy, and honesty builds a good business.  

Gulshan Wahi

Gulshan and Adi fall in love with each other in 2005 married and living in Hampton Roads from last 16 years.

Gulshan is the backbone of the company.

She loves Hand-knotted Rugs.

Over the last decades she has been learning about rug weaving , restoring  and also dying one rug at a time different kinds of vegetable dye rug.

Her commitment is to keep all process 100% Green.Her love for rugs has skilled her to be a Master weaver and restorer.

It is often that you can walk in and see her repairing a rug.

She is also a busy mother of two beautiful children Pari & Arjun.

Her hobbies are cooking, reading and learning about health and well being.


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